Udemy - Passive Income without investment! Drop Servicing WordPress


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Udemy - Passive Income without investment! Drop Servicing WordPress


Udemy - Passive Income without investment! Drop Servicing WordPress (Size: 2.03 GB)
[TutsNode.com] - Passive Income without investment!
1. Drop Servicing with WordPress Learn Drop Servicing A to Z
1. Introduction Very Important Lecture of this Course.mp4 173.92 MB
48. FAQ Page Template.html 2.22 KB
4. Taking Free Domain Free SSL and Free webmails with best webhosting.html 735 B
44. Code for the Questionnaire Page.html 515 B
4.1 Free Domain Free Email Free SSL and the best webhosting.html 103 B
7.1 Search Fiverr Niches here.html 119 B
8.1 Fiverr Services.html 119 B
2. Drop Servicing Demo Website that we will be creating and how will it works.mp4 106.16 MB
47. Creating the Affiliate Menu in our drop servicing Website.mp4 101.07 MB
32. Creating the Pricing Section of our Drop Servicing Website.mp4 94.14 MB
38. Creating the Menu for our Drop Servicing website.mp4 90.03 MB
43. Creating the Questionnaire Page on our drop servicing website.mp4 88.75 MB
6. Introduction to WordPress Dashboard.mp4 72.76 MB
30. Creating the Steps in the 3rd Section.mp4 68.31 MB
3. Taking Domain Name and Web Hosting for your drop servicing website.mp4 63.95 MB
29. Creating the 3rd section of the landing page of our Drop Servicing Website.mp4 56.34 MB
22. Designing the Call To Action Button.mp4 52.57 MB
45. Placing a live order to check the complete procedure of our Drop Service Website.mp4 47.93 MB
27. Creating 2nd and 3rd column in second section.mp4 46.68 MB
7. Choosing the right niche for drop servicing.mp4 46.54 MB
39. Styling and Designing the Menu of our Dropservicing Website.mp4 45.75 MB
20. Creating sample work images gallery.mp4 43.9 MB
25. Creating first column in the second Section.mp4 42.2 MB
51. Customizing the Affiliates messages notification from our Drop Servicing website.mp4 42.17 MB
40. Creating the Contact Us Page for our Drop Service website.mp4 41.69 MB
8. Sourcing and dealing with freelancer.mp4 41.16 MB
17. Creating Packages on our Drop Servicing website.mp4 40.15 MB
19. Designing the landing page first section.mp4 39.01 MB
49. Configuring the Affiliate System on our Website.mp4 38.47 MB
28. Customizing the 2nd section for Phones & Tablets.mp4 37.9 MB
41. Customizing our Drop Servicing Web Site.mp4 35.18 MB
50. Configuring Affiliate system User Interface.mp4 32.99 MB
34. Creating the Buy Now Buttons for Packeges on our Drop Servicing Site.mp4 32.81 MB
16. Setting up Debit Credit card payment method on our site.mp4 32.68 MB
35. Customizing the Pricing section for Phones and Tablets on the landing page.mp4 31.62 MB
12. Installing Woocommerce on our Dropservicing website.mp4 29.89 MB
46. Creating the Affiliate Program System on our Drop Servicing Website.mp4 28.15 MB
24. Creating Heading and Description for 2nd Section of the landing page.mp4 26.5 MB
23. Customizing the first section for Phones and Tablets Devices.mp4 25.35 MB
18. Creating the landing page of our Drop Servicing site.mp4 24.88 MB
31. Creating CTA Button and customizing the 3rd section for devices.mp4 24.69 MB
11. Installing Plugins for designing our Dropservicing website.mp4 24.01 MB
33. Designing the Pricing Section of our Dropservicing Website.mp4 22.28 MB
15. Configuring PayPal Payment method for receiving payments.mp4 20.54 MB
42. Creating Coupon Codes for Drop Servicing Website.mp4 18.61 MB
37. Creating Description for Sample Images.mp4 17.6 MB
36. Linking the Call To Action Button to the Pricing Section of the landing page.mp4 17.57 MB
10. Installing Theme for our Drop Servicing website.mp4 16.01 MB
5. Creating professional business email with bluehost.mp4 15.48 MB
14. Enabling and configruing taxation for Drop Service Website.mp4 14.61 MB
13. General woocommerce settings for drop servicing.mp4 13.94 MB
26. Designing the first colum of second section.mp4 13.53 MB
9. Basic settings of wordpress dashboard.mp4 13.31 MB
21. Creating the Call to Action Button.mp4 13.25 MB
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Passive Income Drop Servicing is a new business model, it doesn’t require any investment that’s why in this Passive income Drop Servicing business you don’t have the risk of loss but the Passive income percentage in drop Servicing business is very high, depending on the niche you choose for your drop servicing website your profit margin will be above 200 or 300%.

Passive Income Drop Servicing is an online business in which you offer services on your website but when you get an order from a client you send the order details to a freelancer on a freelancing website like fiver or Upwork etcetera and the freelancer complete the service and he send it back to you and you send it back to your clients, On your drop servicing website you charge a high amount to your client in which you pay a small amount to your freelancer and the rest is your profit, so this is how drop servicing business works to make passive income.

For Passive income Drop service is an easy online business and you only need a landing page where you showcase some services and where you collect orders from customer, and when you get an order the freelancer do it for you, so basically in dropservicing business, you are working only as an intermediate between clients and the freelancer but you are making passive income with a very high margin.

I will be teaching you the strategy in this dropservicing course for how to reach your passive income to six figures and i will teach you how to get clients for free by building an affiliate marketing system on your drop servicing WordPress website.

I will be teaching you how to create a beautiful, professional, and highly responsive dropservicing website with WordPress easily, we will build a complete drop servicing website with WordPress from scratch to end.

I will be showing you live how the customer will place an order on your Drop Servicing website, how will you receive the orders, how will you receive the payments, and how will the affiliate sign up on your dropservicing website and how will you see the affiliates in your drop servicing website’s WordPress dashboard.

So if you are looking for a great passive income idea to work from home then stay with me in this course and i will teach you step by step the new online passive income drop servicing business from beginner to advance level.
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No skills or experience require for taking this course.

Last Updated 12/2020

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