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Udemy - Natural Childbirth Preparation Lessons


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001 Introduction to the course.mp4 31.6 MB
002 Erase and delete any previous _scary movie_ and stories about birth.mp4 41.1 MB
003 The 3 signs of true labor. What are Braxton hix contractions_.mp4 169.2 MB
004 Cervix dilatation_ A SIGN OF LABOR ALONE_.mp4 71.9 MB
005 The 4 hormones of labor.mp4 162.7 MB
006 Spontaneous labor VS Induction.mp4 98.8 MB
007 First stage of labor_ feel it, breathe into it and move.mp4 67.9 MB
008 Abdominal breathing _ Start training now.mp4 97.8 MB
009 Second & 3d stage of labor _ it's getting more serious, how to manage the pain__.mp4 125.7 MB
010 What to monitor during labor_.mp4 107.3 MB
011 what does a vaginal exam tell_.mp4 112.3 MB
012 Yoga exercises to prepare the hips.mp4 180 MB
24260162-The-3-signs-of-labor.pdf 34 KB
24260164-The-4-hormones-of-Labor.pdf 34.3 KB
24260170-The-3-stages-of-Labor.pdf 43 KB
24260176-What-to-monitor-In-case-of-Rupture-of-the-membranes.pdf 18.6 KB
001 Waiting for the head to be engaged_.mp4 47.3 MB
002 Exercise to lower the head without pushing.mp4 69.3 MB
003 Pushing positions.mp4 108.5 MB
004 How to breathe while pushing_.mp4 102.8 MB
24260184-Stage-2.pdf 17.8 KB
24784734-Pushing-positions-converted.pdf 159.1 KB
001 No cord clamping_ Why it is important to wait.mp4 87.3 MB
002 Skin to skin_ the benefits.mp4 69.3 MB
003 Breastfeeding in the delivery room, a crucial moment_.mp4 40.6 MB
004 In case of a cesarean section, what to do_.mp4 57.3 MB
005 The delivery of the placenta.mp4 23.4 MB
006 Episiotomy v_s natural tear.mp4 54.8 MB
007 Concluding the course.mp4 33 MB
24260200-Cord-clamping.pdf 6.4 KB
24260206-Skin-to-skin.pdf 94.9 KB
24545070-Birth-plan.doc 34.5 KB
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Natural Childbirth Preparation Lessons


MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.91 GB | Duration: 1h 27m
Tips and Info from a midwife & Yoga breathing techniques and postures
What you'll learn
Identify the signs of labor
Prepare for a natural labor and delivery
Learn breathing techniques and yoga postures
Learn what to observe during labor
Learn how to cope with the pain
Learn pushing techniques
Learn about the diffent stages of labor
Learn about the first hours with the baby
This course will help you plan and understand childbirth and labor.

It will provide you with straight to the point information about the signs of labor and its progress and how to mange the pain, as well as pushing and breathing techniques to use during the delivery.

You will learn Yoga postures and breathing techniques to start applying during your pregnancy to prepare your hips for childbirth and expand your lungs capacity.

By the end of the course, you will be able to set your own birth plan, feel confident enough to have an opinion about the management of your labor and delivery as you will obtain medical information that are easy and clear to remember.

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