Udemy - Digital Fashion Design Illustration Course with Procreate


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Udemy - Digital Fashion Design Illustration Course with Procreate


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001 Training Description and Materials.mp4 13.1 MB
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003 Actions Menu.mp4 196.7 MB
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004 Brushes.mp4 40.1 MB
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001 Trainin Description and Materials.mp4 12.3 MB
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002 Sketch.mp4 114.2 MB
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003 Figure Coloring Part 1.mp4 602.9 MB
003 Figure Coloring Part 1_en.vtt 7.2 KB
004 Figure Coloring Part 2.mp4 325.3 MB
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005 Hair Drawing and Details.mp4 600.7 MB
005 Hair Drawing and Details_en.vtt 7.2 KB
38425844-Figure.brushset 309.1 KB
38425850-Skin-Colors.swatches 4.4 KB
001 Training Descriptions and Materials.mp4 4.2 MB
001 Training Descriptions and Materials_en.vtt 512 B
002 Sketch of the Design.mp4 137.4 MB
002 Sketch of the Design_en.vtt 921.6 B
003 Creating a Lace Brush.mp4 26.7 MB
003 Creating a Lace Brush_en.vtt 1 KB
004 Lace Bustier.mp4 121.6 MB
004 Lace Bustier_en.vtt 2.4 KB
38565738-Design-1.swatches 4.2 KB
38565744-Texture-Brushes.brushset 2.9 MB
38565748-lace2.JPG 5.6 MB
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Digital Fashion Design Illustration Course with Procreate


MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.64 GB | Duration: 2h 32m

Digital Fashion Illustration with Procreate

What you'll learn
How to use the Procreate program?
How to make fashion illustration in Procreate?
How to draw a fashion figure in Procreate?
How to create a brush in Procreate?
How to draw fur, leather, lace fabrics in Procreate?
How to create a palette in Procreate?
How to draw hair in Procreate?
How to create new document in Procreate?
Procreate Program
IOS Tablet and Drawing Pen Compatible with Tablet
With Start Not Fashion Procreate, you will start your Digital Fashion Design Illustration training by learning the Procreate program. You can learn how to create new documents, tools, menus, shortcuts and all the other tricks about the program. In this way, even if you have never used the program, you can start drawing very easily. You can discover new tricks if you have used them before.

In other parts of the training, we will make applications for fashion design. First, we will make a fashion figure drawing application on the ready template. In this section, you can learn to process the coloring stages and details.

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