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Aladdin è un misterioso ragazzino che vagabonda senza una meta precisa e che sembra non sapere niente del mondo. Nel suo viaggio però non è solo, poiché insieme a lui c'è Ugo, un gigantesco ma timido djinn che risiede all'interno del suo flauto. In uno dei suoi viaggi, Aladdin incontra Alibaba, un ragazzo all'apparenza egoista ed avido, ma che in realtà possiede un grande cuore e non esita a mettere a rischio la sua vita per il bene degli altri. Dopo una serie di disavventure, i due diventano amici e decidono di esplorare insieme un dungeon, ossia una delle leggendarie costruzioni apparse per la prima volta nel mondo 14 anni prima ed al cui interno si nascondono misteriosi tesori.

Durante l'esplorazione, Aladdin ed Alibaba incontrano numerose difficoltà, dovute non solo alle numerose trappole e creature pericolose che si annidano nella struttura, ma anche alle altre persone venute a conquistarlo. L'esplorazione del dungeon non è che l'inizio della loro avventura. A chi conquista un dungeon in effetti non è fatto solo dono di grandi ricchezze, ma anche di uno straordinario potere. E non è tutto: Aladdin è un Magi, ed esplorando il dungeon insieme ad Alibaba ha inconsapevolmente scelto quest'ultimo come suo candidato al titolo di re.


14 years ago, a structure appeared from the sea, turning into a gigantic tower. Thousands of people entered, and did not come out. Until one day, it gets conquered by two special people, a Magi and a King.

Magi centers around Alibaba Saluja (a young man aiming to capture the nearby dungeon, Amon) and Aladdin (a traveler with a Djinn named Ugo in his flute). Witnessing the power of Aladdin's Djinn, Alibaba finds an opportunity to go dungeon diving with him. Aladdin and Alibaba eventually become friends, and conquer Amon together, despite facing Jamil and his slaves, Morgiana and Goltas. After a desperate fight, Aladdin and Alibaba assist Morgiana in breaking the mental chains that bind her to Jamil. Alibaba claims the dungeon while the Djinn Amon appears to briefly explain that Aladdin is a Magi and Alibaba is his king's candidate. However, they are interrupted by an outside force trying to close the dungeon off. Alibaba, Aladdin, and Morgiana escape the dungeon while Goltas resolves to die to atone for his sins along with Jamil, but not before cutting Morgiana's shackles. Aladdin ends up sent to a distant land, far from the others, where he learns he is a Magi. Having no news of his friend, Alibaba uses the treasure he obtained in Amon to free all slaves in the city, including Morgiana and returns to Balbadd, his homeland.

Aladdin and Morgiana encounter Sinbad, the first Dungeon Capturer and the king of Sindria. They eventually reunite with Alibaba in Balbadd, where they learn that he has joined the Fog Troupe, a cadre of thieves opposing the tyrannical rule of Abhmad, Alibaba's half-brother. Alibaba makes the monarchy a republic nation in Balbadd, however, Balbadd ends up annexed to the Kou Empire, a powerful Eastern nation that plans to conquer the entire world with the pretense of ending all conflict.

Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana are brought to Sindria. They train under the members of Sinbad's household to get stronger and help stop the mysterious organization, Al-Thamen, that works secretly to spread chaos throughout the world as part of an unknown agenda. The trio befriends Hakuryuu Ren, a prince of the Kou Empire visiting Sindria, whom they help to conquer the dungeon of Zagan; where after confronting members of Al-Thamen there, the group separate upon return. Aladdin studies at Magnostadt Academy to study magic and investigate the country's ties to Al-Thamen. Alibaba goes to train with the Yambala Gladiators in the Reim Empire to fix his magoi, so he can achieve his complete Djinn Equip. Hakuryuu returns to the Kou Empire, and Morgiana departs to the Dark Continent.

A year later, Aladdin and Alibaba are reunited during Reim's and Kou's campaign to conquer Magnostadt. As a last resort, Matal Mogamett summons an army of Dark Djinns with a huge mass of Black Rukh stored in its deepest level to defeat the invaders for good, but Aladdin reveals that by doing this, Mogamett unwillingly helped Al-Thamen to get closer to their main objective; to summon Ill Ilah, whose advent will cause the world's destruction. The medium appears, and Alibaba and his friends join forces with the Kou Empire, Reim, and the Alliance of Seven Seas to stop it.

A few months later after Alibaba revisits Balbadd, representatives from Kou, Reim and Sindria gather for a summit organized by Sinbad. At the summit, Aladdin reveals that mankind was originally several distinct species transformed by magic into humans from the world of Alma-Torran, located in another dimension. Ill Ilah, had its magoi stolen by Aladdin's father, King Solomon, in order to create a destiny favorable to the people of Alma-Torran. Resisting this change, the members of Al-Thamen summoned Ill llah to the world sapping its magoi by destruction. Solomon is forced to give his life to seal away Ill Ilah and Al-Thamen. Solomon gave his magoi to Ugo, and Ugo used it to create the current world and transport everyone from Alma-Torran to this world.

Suddenly, Hakuryuu Ren and Judar start a civil war in the Kou Empire. Alibaba and Aladdin rush to the Kou Empire to talk sense into Hakuryuu, however, they realize that he has fallen into depravity. The two duos fight and Alibaba and Judar end up as casualties. After the war ends, Sinbad starts his plan of bringing a new era of peace to the world, while Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryuu take separate ways. Alibaba meets the people of Alma Torran who proceed to help him get revived. Later, Judar and Alibaba meet on the other side of the Dark Continent, where they encounter the Mother Dragon who decides to assist them in traveling back to the mainland, however this would be a long journey. While traveling back, Mother Dragon reveals that Ill Ilah's persona has been corrupt by David, the father of King Solomon. He is also revealed to be connected to Sinbad and wants to become God of all.

Three years later, Alibaba reappears and solves the Kou Empire's economic problems. He reunites with his friends after they defeat Arba, apparently destroying Al-Thamen for good, but Arba's spirit turns to Sinbad, and together, they reach the Sacred Palace and Sinbad defeats Ugo taking over the palace. Sinbad rewrites the Rukh system; the only way for happiness is by turning into Rukh, or death. Alibaba and Aladdin joins forces with Judar and Hakuryuu to confront Sinbad, but just after they reach a compromise, David appears and takes control of the Sacred Palace; returning all souls to the Rukh was his original plan. David enters world and starts causing chaos and destroying everything to turn it back into Rukh. Alibaba struggles to defend the world; he faces more trouble when the entire world is working for David because are brainwashed due to the Rukh change, and are fighting Alibaba. Yunan and Aladdin confront the real David, in the form of a child. The spell of rewriting the Rukh gets stopped. Alibaba's allies who were fighting him have now teamed up with him. Sinbad helps kill David by sacrificing all his power into killing him; it is unknown whether Sinbad is dead or alive. The Magi system, dungeons, metal vessel, sacred palace, and the continental chasm, disappear, leading the nations unify their efforts to create a better future. After Alibaba visits Cassim's grave, he marries Morgiana.

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