Bayan Ko

Bayan Ko
  • Release date: 6 Nov 1985
  • Runtime: 108 mintues
  • Country: Philippines
  • Keywords: labor union, printing press, press, money, hospital
Arturo and his wife Luz Manalastas both work in a printing press. After Luz becomes pregnant, Arturo ("Turing") is forced to ask for a raise. When he does, his boss asks him to sign a waiver stating that he is not part of any Labor Union. Soon after, his friends inform him that they are starting a labor union and invite him to join them, but because of the waiver, he cannot. His mates brand him as a traitor and treat him badly. Soon after, the printing press is closed down and the hospital where Luz is confined won't let her leave until Turing comes up with the money to pay them. This leads Turing to pursue a life of crime.

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